A rat ran under the case

From France to Switzerland

Ok, wow i don’t even know where to begin really…I apologize for not keeping up better but between travelling and sketchy wifi i have not been able to keep up properly….again, sorry…….

Ok, so after the first show in France that was, well, just bad, we trucked off to Luasanne, Switzerland and we were feeling quite low but we were optimistic about the show being better and well, it was. Nothing went down, we didn’t fuck up, the visuals were ok and we had a really lovely time. Midnight Juggernauts supported us there and the following night in Zurich and they were great. I strongly urge you all to check out there stuff….They were really great guys as well.

Nice one guys, hopefully we will be able to hook up again soon. 

 So, with the fire of our first successful show of the tour still burning bright in our bellies, we carried on to Zurich. It was really overcast that day and the venue looked like it was apart of some building sight. I mean there were literally giant cranes and scaffolding everywhere and the club was down this ramp that looked like the entance to a carpark. I didn’t really sleep that well the night before and so getting off the bus at like 9 or 10 or whatever and facing this kind of grim industrial sceneknid of dampered my spirits a little. When it started sprinkling a short time later I kept half expecting to see all those rotten little kids from that Apex Twin video, Come to Daddy, darting in and out of the shadows terrorizing old women!

However after a shower and some food my spirits brightened and a short time later we played. Now, remember when i said that we had ironed out all of our difficulties? Well God’s Hammer struck again and all of our tracks went down yet again….in front of a packed audience……So, faced with impending doom, we tried ripping into Hell Hole, which while being funny, didn’t really cut it, so instead of just crying, giving up, or killing ourselves we just decided to play on with what we could without backing tracks or anything and it ended up being kind of ok…I think people really appreciated that we kept on trying our best when everything went down and I mean what were we going to do anyway, just walk-off half way through a set and leave people who had come down to see us hanging in the wind? Fuck that!  So we did our best, even if it were no match for God’s Hammer……..

Pablo’s quote of the day——“Fuck me, I just saw a rat run under that case”……

I have got more…….loads more to write because it only gets better from here but i will write more later…right now I am in Moscow on like 4 hours of sleep and Iam about to start screaming/crying…….so I have to get some rest before our show tonight…thanks again to everyone that came out in Switzerland we had fun despite all the bullshit……………



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